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Along with personalized attention and support, our approach creates a fun and engaging environment that for learning throughout the day, for each and every child. Feel free to contact us and learn more.

How do I Order?

You can go to our Shop page by clicking the link above on the tool bar. 

Do you take Purchase Orders?

​YES! We take purchase orders from US schools and companies to start the production of your order. You can now upload your purchase order at checkout! 

Simply upload a pdf of the purchase order when prompted at checkout.

Please include all contact information and tax exempt information with your order. 

We do not take International Purchase Orders,  due to export rules and regulations, payment must be received before we can cross US borders. 

How long will it take to get my order?

Most indoor paths are sent within 2-3 weeks. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, orders are taking longer than usual as we do our part to keep everyone safe. There may be unexpected delays due to unforeseen supply chain issues. All of our products are printed in-house, on demand. Due to the highly refined process and our commitment to superior quality products, shipping lead times may vary.

Outdoor products are currently shipping within 4-6 weeks. 

We require either payment-in-full or a signed purchase order before we can ship your items. 

If your school or organization is tax exempt, we will need a copy of your tax exemption letter before we can release your items for shipping. 

You can include your tax exempt number at checkout!

If you have requested custom items, please contact us regarding the status of your order.

If you need assistance please email

Purchase ordered packages will not ship until payment or a copy of a signed PO has been received. We will make every attempt to accommodate Purchase Orders, but we only allow PO's from US territories at this time. No international PO's will be accepted. 

Do you have smaller packages?

We realize that some places may not have the funds for the larger packages but still want to provide a true Sensory Path for their students. Do not worry, we will work with you and within a reasonable budget. Since we design everything, we want to offer your kids the best path you can afford. We can break components apart and restructure a Sensory Path using some basic elements that will still be engaging to your students and aesthetically beautiful to your facility. 

Can I return my order if I change my mind?

All of our paths are made to order and returns are not accepted. 

What makes TSP Unique?

The most important thing to remember is that The Sensory Path is so much more than just a bunch of stickers on the floor that kids hop around on. What sets us apart, is that we can back up our work with the research. We have developed a plan and then gone a step further and found information about providing the best possible materials on the market for added quality of our product. We will provide you with installation guides, maintenance guides, and movement guides for a true sensory experience. Plus your kids will be engaged when they are working on our paths, because we designed them for kids! 

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We create stylish and comfortable interior design. Any project of studio is made individually


We create stylish and comfortable interior design. Any project of studio is made individually

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We create stylish and comfortable interior design. Any project of studio is made individually

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