Professional Installation FAQ


Do you offer professional installation?

Yes, we are only offering 5 allotted time slots a month for installation. 

What is the minimum order for professional installation?

Our order minimum is two pathways or one pathway and 4 additional elements. This does not include to cost of installation. 

What is the price of installation?

The price of installation will vary depending on the number of paths ordered and time schedule needed for completion. Please request a quote for installation and also include what items your wanting to purchase and your location

When is the next available date for professional installation?

We are completely booked until the beginning of September. 

How long will professional installation take?

For our skilled staff it takes approximately 2hrs- 3hrs for one Original Path. We are also able to arrange installation on the week days as well as weekends. .

I have an additional question!

Please email   for more information and scheduling avalibility