Create a Road Sensory Path™ Playground Stencil Set


Create a Road Sensory Path™ Stencil Set is great for adding a traffic lane to your sensory playground! Great for bicycles, and trikes! Also a great place to encourage mobility limited friends to interact with friends! 

  This set comes with three types of stencils; straight road, 90 degree bend, and two way intersection split. Double Layered design so you can paint black top area with the first stencil and then outline and dashes with the second stencil. The road is 2 feet wide and sections can be linked together for multiple combinations. Super easy and infinite possibilities!
Total area used will depend on final placement of each piece. We suggest placing each item at least 12 inches apart from one another.

The Sensory Path™ Playground Stencils are reusable an unlimited amount of times!

Outdoor Sensory Path™ products can be placed in several different areas.  We have designed for public parks walking paths, school sidewalks, as well as repurposing and redesigning old basketball courts. One of the most important elements to consider is the safety of the children when the space is being used.

Planning your space for a school outdoor Sensory Path™ should involve a team of people, including building administrators, ground keepers, and teachers. Providing as much input as possible for your team will ensure the success of the outdoor Sensory Path™. If the project is initiated by members of the community, it is vital to involve the school leaders in the planning.

Space requirements will vary from stencil to stencil, and most stencils can be slightly modified on-site to lengthen or shorten to meet the needs of your space.

**DOES NOT INCLUDE PAINT OR SUPPLIES. You will receive detailed instructions and paint recommendations with your order. Email us with your questions about what paint to use!**

The Sensory Path™ now offers spray paint bundles to be shipped directly to your door! Skip the extra trips to the hardware store and extra supplies. Select the Sensory Path™ recommended paint bundle add-on or choose your colors by adding a paint bundle to your cart. 

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