How to Place a Purchase Order

How to Place a Purchase Order

What to do first:

The first thing you need to do is get approval from your school district for the purchase order.

If you need a quote, you can now create your own through our shop page. Click “add to quote” on the items you’d like to add to your quote.

If you have any issues or have special request, please email us at and we are more than happy to help! 

Steps for PO:

1. Go on our site and check prices. You can build your own quote and print it immediately.

Any orders over $1500 ship free! 

Shipping on individual elements is $30. 

2. Fill out your school's paperwork.

Get approval and signed PO back from administration. 

If your business office requires a copy of our W9, please email we will send a copy.

3. Once you have a signed PO:

Visit our site and place an order by adding the items on your approved PO to the cart. At check out choose payment with purchase order as your method of payment. You can upload a PDF of your PO directly under the "pay with purchase order" widget. Submit your order. 

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery of your items.

International purchases must be PREPAID before we export.



FAX: +1 662 314-8559


Ordering FAQ’s

The Answers toAll Your Questions

Along with personalized attention and support, our approach creates a fun and engaging environment for learning for each and every child. Feel free to contact us and learn more.

How do I order?

You can go to our shop page by clicking the link above on the tool bar. 

Do you take Purchase Orders?

​YES! We accept Purchase Orders from US schools and companies. 

You can now upload your purchase order at check out. 

Please include all contact information and tax exempt information with your order. 

We do not take International Purchase Orders due to export rules and regulations. Payment must be received before we can cross US borders. 

How long will it take to get my order?

Indoor packages ship within 48 hours of a completed order. Outdoor packages ship within 1 week of a completed order. We use Fedex 3 day shipping as our standard shipping method. If you need express shipping, please email us at

Most indoor paths are sent within 2-3 weeks. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, orders are taking longer than usual as we do our part to keep everyone safe. There may be unexpected delays due to unforeseen supply chain issues. All of our products are printed in-house, on demand. Due to the highly refined process and our commitment to superior quality products, shipping lead times may vary.

Outdoor products are currently shipping within 4-6 weeks. 

We require either payment-in-full or a signed purchase order before we can ship your items. 

If your school or organization is tax exempt, we will need a copy of your tax exemption letter before we can release your items for shipping. 

You can include your tax exempt number at checkout!

If you have requested custom items, please contact us regarding the status of your order.

If you need assistance please email

Purchase ordered packages will not ship until payment or a copy of a signed PO has been received. We will make every attempt to accommodate Purchase Orders, but we only allow PO's from US territories at this time. No international PO's will be accepted.

Do you have smaller packages?

We realize that some schools and organizations may not have the funding for the larger packages but still want to provide a sensory experience for their students. We are more than happy to work with you and limited budgets/spaces. Since we design everything, we want to offer your kids the best path you can afford. We can break components apart, and restructure a Sensory Path™ using some basic elements that will still be engaging to your students and aesthetically beautiful to your facility. 

Can I return my order if I change my mind?

All of our paths are made to order and returns are not accepted. 

What makes TSP Unique?

The most important thing to remember is that The Sensory Path™ is so much more than just a bunch of stickers on the floor that kids hop around on. What sets us apart, is that we can back up our work with the research. We have developed a plan, and then gone a step further and found information about providing the best possible materials on the market for added quality of our product. We will provide you with installation guides, maintenance guides and  movement guides for a true sensory experience. Plus your kids will be engaged when they are working on our paths, because we designed them for kids! 

Maintenance FAQ’s

How durable are the paths?

The Sensory Path™ makes premium sensory paths using waterproof commercial grade floor film with an adhesive backing. If installation and maintenance guidelines are followed correctly, your path will last for several years. We recommend installing on a clean, waxed vinyl composition tile. A clean waxed floor will offer a great surface for adhesion. Bare tiles, or previously stripped tiles that do not have a layer of wax will need at minimum one layer of wax to offer a sealed surface for proper adhesion.

We also like to say you should treat your path like the hood of your car. If you wouldn't drag something over the hood of your car, then you don't need to drag it over the sensory path. So moving desks or hard objects over the path has the potential to scratch or damage the image. We DO NOT recommend using a mechanical scrubber, polisher, or mopper over the path.

What is the longevity of the path?

We recommend once the path is installed, to give it time to settle and the adhesive to grip the floor surface. Since the adhesive is pressure sensitive, allowing students to use it after a 12 hour settling period will help settle the adhesive. Maintenance can manually mop and sweep during this initial settling period. To get the longest life from your installed sensory path, we recommend using an non-yellowing commercial wax on top of the installed path. Apply a minimum 5-10 layers of wax liberally in thick, heavy coats will be your friend! Adding this extra protection is strongly recommended to protect your path from peeling or lifting. We DO NOT recommend using a mechanical scrubber, polisher, or mopper over the path. If you do, it has the potential to completely damage and destroy the decals. Hand mopping is the way to go after installation!

 Longevity really depends on the type of service your maintenance staff can provide. If the surface is waxed, as we strongly recommend, the longevity will be as long as you need or until stripping the floors of all wax. Usually janitors like to use chemical strippers on their building's floors once a year.  We instead suggest performing a “lite” strip by diluting the stripper to not agitate the floors as much.  They will shorten the length of time the chemical stripper is applied, this will take only 1-2 layers of wax off of the floor where the indoor Sensory Path was installed. 

Can the path be removed for cleaning?

Our paths are designed using a permanent adhesive. We considered a removable adhesive, but upon testing found that any removable adhesive products tested, did not follow the standards for ensuring a quality and safe path. Removable adhesives degrade over a 6 month period thus resulting in lifting of edges, and potentially causing a safety hazard. At The Sensory Path™, we use a permanent adhesive designed to last.

How does our maintenance staff remove the path?

Removal is as simple as stripping off the protective wax layers and applying the same chemical stripper to the decal. Using a scraper and lifting the edge slightly of the path piece will allow for the floor stripping solution to release the adhesive from the floor.

Can these paths be used on hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, concrete or textured laminate floor?

Hardwood floors which have been properly sealed and maintained with a commercial hard wax should offer the adhesive the proper surface to adhere. Do not use on shellac or polyurethane sealers as they degrade more rapidly than commercial wax and our films.

Ceramic floor which have a sealed surface such as a glaze will offer a good surface for adhesion. Breaks between tiles where grout may be, will need to be cleaned and sealed to offer proper performance. We do not recommend using the product on porous surfaces or tiles without a smooth finish. 

Indoor finished concrete surfaces that are sealed with a concrete finishing sealant or stained and sealed should offer a proper adhesive surface. Painted concrete which is prepared properly and sealed and cured, will offer the proper surface for adhesion. Finishing with a commercial wax will help keep the paths from lifting when applied.

Laminate flooring with a textured surface is fine for adhering the pathways. Laminate flooring has a properly finished coating and if properly cleaned before application, will offer a good surface to hold the film. The film we use is very strong but thin and the texture of the floor may be visible on the surface of the film, but it should not compromise the quality of the product.  

All commercial locations with high traffic flow over the surface of the path should use additional wax as they normally would to offer the proper protection from usage, and any environmental factors such as snow and salts which would typically degrade the normal surface.

Can these paths be applied to carpet?

Although the manufacturing company of the product we use states that it can be used on carpet, we are product testing currently to see if it meets our stands of durability. We can not recommend the use on carpet until we have had sufficient testing completed. 

Along with personalized attention and support, our approach creates a fun and engaging environment that for learning throughout the day, for each and every child. Feel free to contact us and learn more.

Other FAQ’s

The Answers toAll Your Questions

Along with personalized attention and support, our approach creates a fun and engaging environment that for learning throughout the day, for each and every child. Feel free to contact us and learn more.

Can I use this in my home?

Yes, The Sensory Path™ designs products that are not only for schools, but they are great in playrooms, in indoor sensory rooms, or just in the hallway. The sensory paths are designed using the best materials and will not hurt your floors. We will be offering smaller units that will be perfect for home usage. 

We are a Title One school with limited funds, what can we do?

First, talk to your principal, give them the research and explain why you think it will help the students. You would be surprised what funds are available to title one schools. Every school in America runs on a shoe string budget, but when approaching the administration about investing in a path helps when we provide the research to back up our methods. 

Another great source of funding is Parent Teacher Organizations. We have schools that are in rural, low income districts, that have a small group of parents who took the initiative to go out into their small community and talk with the leaders, churches, civic groups, businesses to have them sponsor the larger package for their school. 

Fundraising is easy when the money is going directly to something that is going to benefit all students. Get creative with fundraising, if the funds are not available. Have the kids get involved in raising funds too. Simply have a change drive is a great way all levels of children can participate. Have students bring in loose change and challenge classrooms to compete in the change drive will foster support. Get responsible parents involved to collect the change each day and create a bridge for community involvement. It is not impossible for funds to be allocated, but reaching out and getting more people engaged in the need for the Sensory Path at your school will increase the potential for funds to become available.

Can these be used in clinics or hospitals?

Absolutely! Our pathways are made using commercial grade products and can be applied to tile flooring and sealed to protect them from medical equipment passing over them. Kids with limited immune systems and long treatments for illnesses, may find our pathways an enjoyable activity to offer movement to their daily routine. Placing The Sensory Path™ in an indoor playroom or down a clinic hallway would not only be aesthetically and visually appealing, but it would make children happy to move! 

I have another question, can you help?

If you have additional questions we have not addressed here or on another FAQ page, please submit below.

Thanks for Shopping with us! 

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