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We do not recommend our indoor Sensory Path Packages be applied to carpet. If you’re looking to add a Sensory Path to your carpeted areas, consider our Learning Noodles™. These are portable Sensory Path solutions. These are non-adhesive learning mats and offer ultimate flexibility. At an affordable price range, you can bring Sensory Paths inside the classroom. Learn more about the adaptability of the Learning Noodle™ by The Sensory Path™.

Category: Maintenance FAQ

Hardwood floors which have been properly sealed and maintained with a commercial hard wax should offer the adhesive the proper surface to adhere. Do not use on shellac or polyurethane sealers as they degrade more rapidly than commercial wax and our films.

Ceramic floor which have a sealed surface such as a glaze will offer a good surface for adhesion. Breaks between tiles where grout may be, will need to be cleaned and sealed to offer proper performance. We do not recommend using the product on porous surfaces or tiles without a smooth finish. 

Indoor finished concrete surfaces that are sealed with a concrete finishing sealant or stained and sealed should offer a proper adhesive surface. Painted concrete which is prepared properly and sealed and cured, will offer the proper surface for adhesion. Finishing with a commercial wax will help keep the paths from lifting when applied.

Laminate flooring with a textured surface is fine for adhering the pathways. Laminate flooring has a properly finished coating and if properly cleaned before application, will offer a good surface to hold the film. The film we use is very strong but thin and the texture of the floor may be visible on the surface of the film, but it should not compromise the quality of the product.  

All commercial locations with high traffic flow over the surface of the path should use additional wax as they normally would to offer the proper protection from usage, and any environmental factors such as snow and salts which would typically degrade the normal surface.

If you have a unique flooring situation, please contact our sales team for more information.

Category: Maintenance FAQ

Removal is as simple as stripping off the protective wax layers and applying the same chemical stripper to the decal. Using a scraper and lifting the edge slightly of the path piece will allow for the floor stripping solution to release the adhesive from the floor.

Should there be any sticky residue from the adhesive, it will easily come up with rubbing alcohol.

Category: Maintenance FAQ

The Sensory Path™ makes premium Sensory Paths using waterproof commercial grade floor film with an adhesive backing. If installation and maintenance guidelines are followed correctly, your path will last for several years. We recommend installing on a clean, waxed vinyl composition tile. A clean waxed floor will offer a great surface for adhesion. Bare tiles, or previously stripped tiles that do not have a layer of wax will need at minimum one layer of wax to offer a sealed surface for proper adhesion.

We also like to say you should treat your path like the hood of your car. If you wouldn’t drag something over the hood of your car, then you don’t need to drag it over the sensory path. So moving desks or hard objects over the path has the potential to scratch or damage the image. We DO NOT recommend using a mechanical scrubber, polisher, or mopper over the path.

Category: Maintenance FAQ

We recommend once the path is installed, to give it time to settle and the adhesive to grip the floor surface. Since the adhesive is pressure sensitive, allowing students to use it after a 12 hour settling period will help settle the adhesive. Maintenance can manually mop and sweep during this initial settling period. To get the longest life from your installed sensory path, we recommend using an non-yellowing commercial wax on top of the installed path. Apply a minimum 5-10 layers of wax liberally in thick, heavy coats will be your friend! Adding this extra protection is strongly recommended to protect your path from peeling or lifting. We DO NOT recommend using a mechanical scrubber, polisher, or mopper over the path. If you do, it has the potential to completely damage and destroy the decals. Hand mopping is the way to go after installation! 

 Longevity really depends on the type of service your maintenance staff can provide. If the surface is waxed, as we strongly recommend, the longevity will be as long as you need or until stripping the floors of all wax. Usually janitors like to use chemical strippers on their building’s floors once a year.  We instead suggest performing a “lite” strip by diluting the stripper to not agitate the floors as much.  They will shorten the length of time the chemical stripper is applied, this will take only 1-2 layers of wax off of the floor where the indoor Sensory Path was installed. 

Still have questions? Get in touch with us. Our experienced associates are eager to help!

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