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Rainforest Animal Shape Hop Sensory Path™ Element


Hop and Learn basic shapes with these-10 tropical animal-filled shapes! These brightly colored animal shapes are a great addition to a Sensory Path™ and offer students a hopping or stepping zone. All the animals, insects and amphibians are part of a tropical theme.


Animal Shapes included: Alligator Rectangle, Tiger Square, Parrot Circle, Sloth Oval, Green Tree Frog Triangle, Hippo Octagon, Jaguar Hexagon, Blue Frog Star, Monkey Rhombus, Beetle Pentagon

Have your kids learn their shapes and animals too!
10- Animal shapes
10- Names of shapes
*bonus flower sheet & page of arrows*
****All of our elements are pre-cut and ready to peel and apply to your floor, no additional trimming is necessary around image edges. Some elements are grouped on transfer pages, and backing paper will need to be cut to separate the shapes. When necessary, application tape is applied to help transfer intricately cut images.
Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 14 × 10 in
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Rainforest Animal Shape Hop Sensory Path™ Element
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