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Ninja Warrior Push Wall Sensory Path™ Element


Calm the inner warrior by side stepping and pushing as you move along the wall. Mental mantra posters help refocus and reset the brain to self-regulate while providing bilateral coordinating movements.


Package Includes:

  • 3 Ninja Mantra Block Push zones
  • 7 Side-step blocks, directional arrow blocks
  • 2 High Five zones
  • 9 sets Push hands
  • application tools

Movement guide provided with details on how to properly use this sensory classroom activity for best results.

Looking for more Ninja Themed Sensory Path™ items? Check out the Ninja Sensory Path Package. Receive a discount by purchasing the full Sensory Path™ Package rather than purchasing items individually.

****All of our elements are pre-cut and ready to peel and apply to your floor, no additional trimming is necessary around image edges. Some elements are grouped on transfer pages, and backing paper will need to be cut to separate the shapes. When necessary, application tape is applied to help transfer intricately cut images.

Give your students the opportunity to build strength in their arms and core while resetting their neurological system to become a more engaged and alert student in the classroom.

To learn more about our Push Wall Sensory Path™ elements and proper use, check out this blog post!

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 8 × 4 in
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