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I have another question, can you help?

If you have additional questions we have not addressed here or on another FAQ page, please email holly@thesensorypath.com  or call 662-607-0448 Thanks for Shopping with us! 

Can the path be removed for cleaning?

Our paths are designed using a semi-permanent adhesive. We considered a removable adhesive, but upon testing found that any removable adhesive products we tested, did not follow the standards for ensuring a quality and safe path. Removable adhesives degrade over a 6 month period thus resulting in lifting of edges, and potentially causing a safety …

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Do you have smaller packages?

We realize that some places may not have the funds for the larger packages but still want to provide a true Sensory Path™ for their students. Do not worry, we will work with you and within a reasonable budget. Since we design everything, we want to offer your kids the best path you can afford. …

Do you have smaller packages? Read More »

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