What kind of paint should I use? 

Category: Stencil FAQ

You have two options for paint. The Sensory Path™ now offers paint bundles that can be added to every stencil order. The paint bundles will be shipped directly to your building. The paint bundles listed on our website are for highly pigmented spray paint. This paint is industrial grade, water resistant, and eco-friendly. The paint is among the highest quality available on the market. The paint has built in UV protection and can hold up to salt-water air. 

If you’d like to source paint on your own, the best paint we have found is Porch and Patio paint which you can have colored at Home Depot, Lowes, Ace, or Sherwin Williams. It only comes in gallons, so you would want to make sure you can incorporate the use of the same color on multiple areas, like using a stencil package. Or, you can go with a latex exterior with a paint and primer, it may not last as long as the Porch and Patio, but it can always be touched up as needed, and would cost less on the front-end budget. 

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