What makes TSP Unique?

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The most important thing to remember is that The Sensory Path™ is so much more than just a bunch of stickers on the floor that kids hop around on. What sets us apart, is that we can back up our work with the research. We have developed a plan, and then gone a step further and found information about providing the best possible materials on the market for added quality of our product. We will provide you with installation guides, maintenance guides and  movement guides for a true sensory experience. Plus your kids will be engaged when they are working on our paths, because we designed them for kids! 

As a special education teacher, Holly Clay, the founder of The Sensory Path™, served a large percentage of students with autism. She noticed when a child started losing cognitive functioning during the learning process, it helped to give the child some sensory input. She began studying which series of movements seemed to offer the child the necessary proprioceptive and vestibular input to help the child regain focus and control, which ultimately increased cognition and retention of new information. She saw a huge reduction of sensory seeking behaviors and an increase in cognitive functioning. The Sensory Path company is the only company offering research based Sensory Paths. The Sensory Path is proud to be the only company offering Sensory Paths that have been reviewed by The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards and received the Certified Autism Resource distinction.

We now have repeat customers who have placed a significant value on the use of The Sensory Path products in their schools. Our product was initially designed to help with self-regulation and the sensory system in children with Autism, but schools have found it to be a Universal Educational tool that promotes inclusion. Students of any ability can find the use of movement a powerful tool to help their brain and body connect.

The Sensory Path products are now being used by children with Autism, children dealing with Trauma, children with ADHD, children in Physical Therapy, and as a movement space for peer social development.

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