What kind of paint brushes should I use? 

Category: Stencil FAQ

Brushes can come from the hardware section but get some that are a little better than the disposable foam or wooden handled chip brushes. Cement and Asphalt surfaces will tear up cheap brushes! The better brushes we recommend might cost a few dollars more initially but will last throughout your project if washed out each day. Craft brushes with long, soft hairs will help clean around edges and create crisp lines. Paint Rollers – Short fibers (smooth surface rollers) or foam rollers help keep paint from bleeding too much.

            9-inch rollers are recommended for Large Areas – such as the Create a Road Stencil

            6-inch rollers are recommended for Medium Areas – such as Sunflower Petals

            4-inch rollers are recommended for Small Areas – such as Hopscotch blocks

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