How do you clean the stencils after use? 

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The Sensory Path ™ Outdoor Stencils are made from a very durable Mylar plastic. Preserving them for future use is very important for longevity. Keep the box your stencils arrived in so you can store them. Store in a clean dry space, away from direct sunlight.  

Remove all tape and any extra adhesive that might have stuck on the stencil. Using a solvent like rubbing alcohol or a product like Goo Gone will not harm the stencil material. 

Dried paint can be removed easily, by soaking the stencil in soapy water, or covering the area with a wet cloth and allowing for the paint to rehydrate so it will peel off the stencil easier. Remove as much of the paint as possible before rolling the stencil for storage.  Do not scrape dried paint off the stencil. Damage could occur from sharp edges of a scraper. Lay stencils in the sun to dry.

Once all pieces of the stencil are clean and dry, organize the stencil by pieces. Some pieces might need to be placed in plastic zipper bags so they do not get lost. Label each bag or part and make sure layout guides are placed back in the box for future teams.

Using a bulletin board paper layer each stencil set in groups with additional paper in between, to keep stencils from getting mixed up. Roll the stencils in paper and secure with rubber bands. Place back in the shipping box for storage.  

Store in a clean dry space, keeping stencil materials out of direct sunlight. 

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