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Donors Choose Application Guide

Teacher Driven Funding

Great teachers make great schools which make great students who make society great! If you’re one of those great teachers determined to get a Sensory Path in your school, the Donor’s Choose platform may be an excellent option for sourcing funding. This post will walk you through the application process! 

Reach for the Stars Push Wall for School Hallway

What is Donor's Choose?

Donor’s Choose is an incredible organization created by teachers, for teachers! It’s no surprise that teachers across America spend hundred’s of their own dollars each year to provide their students a high quality and engaging learning environment. Donor’s Choose has stepped up to help fill the gap between public funding and the actual needs in public schools. By providing a trusted platform for the general public to make contributions to local schools, Donor’s Choose plays an important role in inclusive education practices. 

Since 2000, Donor’s Choose has funded over 2 million projects! Your class could be next. Read more below about the process for requesting Sensory Paths through Donor’s Choose. 

Where do I start?

Visit the Donor’s Choice website through the link below. You’ll need to review their eligibility requirements before submitting a project request. In general, you’ll need to be a full-time teacher in a U.S. public or charter school working directly with students as the primary teacher. 

It is completely free to create your account! 

Our Sensory Path products already meet the funding eligibility requirements! The Sensory Path has worked with schools through Donor’s Choose for more than 5 years. We have over 200 products that would make an excellent addition to your school and positively improve the educational outcomes of your students. 

Submit a project request for a Sensory Path, you will need to create a Special Request. Before you can submit a Special Request, you will need 6 points! 

What are points and how do I earn them?

If you are new to Donor’s Choose, you won’t immediately be able to make a special request. Points are earned each time a project is funded. We suggest that you start your first project for something through the Donor’s Choice vendor list that would immediately improve your classroom such as school supplies or books. Share this project with your local community to quickly raise the funds! 

Once your first project is funded, you can earn additional points by writing an impact letter thanking your donors for their help. 

Additional points can be earned by submitting student thank you notes. Get your students involved and have them flex their writing skills by showing gratitude for the local community who supports their education! Knowing how much they are loved by the members of their community will positively impact their education! 

Once you have accumulated 6 points, you’re ready to submit your special request for a Sensory Path!

How do I submit a Special Request?

After earning 6 points, you will have the option to “Create a Special Request” at the bottom of the vendor list when creating a new project. 

Complete the project application by adding the desired Sensory Path products. 


Share, Share, Share!

You have 4 months to raise the funds for your project. Nearly 70% of projects are fully funded within this timeline. 

Once your project is live, share, share, share within your community. You’ll be touched with how responsive donors are with helping reach your goal! 

Fully Funded Project, What's Next?

Once your project is fully funded, Donor’s Choose will order your materials through our website and have them shipped directly to your school. All of our orders are shipped within 48 business hours of receipt with 3-day shipping. You will receive your Sensory Path items within 1 week and be well on your way to behavior and emotional regulation! 

I need more help!

The Sensory Path team is comprised of cheerful and knowledgeable sales representatives. We would be happy to help with your application in any way we can. Whether you need help picking which items would be best for your school or need help with writing a stellar application, we’re more than happy to help! Contact us directly at for assistance. 

Happy Fundraising! 

For additional funding opportunities, visit our Sensory Path Funding resource page!

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