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The Key to Understanding comes from having passion and putting in hard work
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It is so exciting to see the impact of your passion flooding every corner of the internet. It seems like each day we gain new followers who want to do better for their sensory sensitive students. When we first began this journey called The Sensory Path, we never invisioned that we would be the top designer and go to company for Sensory Path design. We are fortunate to have educated people find our company and realize that it was our video that coined the term “Sensory Path” as it pertains to themeatic, research-based, movement paths for sensory integration designed for schools, and children. Here is the link to

They have been our friends since day one, becasue they realize that from our passion for providing schools with proper sensory integrated spaces comes a deeper understanding of what makes a quality product. It is our passion which drives us to develop more products, and our on-going relationships with teachers, therapist and medical professionals help ensure our product remains top of the line.

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