Planning a Sensory Path for Your Space

Are you ready to purchase a Sensory Path but don’t know where to start?

There are many things to consider when considering a Sensory Path for your school. The first hurdle is most often your budget.

How much money does your school have for a Sensory Path? Most often Sensory Paths (TM) are not soley teacher funded! So if you are a teacher and reading this, don’t think it is hopeless. Teachers should always check with your principal,… and principals should check with their superintendent for any extra funds that may be available. Every year school district scramble to use funds at the last minute becasue if they don’t use all the money allocated they could potentially lose those dollars the follwoing year. If your district doesn’t have extra money for the current fiscal year, see what you need to do to earmark some money for next year’s budget. You may be surprised what’s available!

You should also check with your PTAs. Perhaps a group of teachers could ask their classes to donate money towards a Sensory Path instead of a teacher’s gift. It is amazing what comes from creative funding opportunities.

A Sensory Path can seem like a large, upfront investment. But when you realize the benefits for ALL students (and teachers!) it quickly pays for itself.

Once you have a budget, it’s time to figure out how much space you actually have available for a Sensory Path.

The Sensory Path has multiple full package options priced at $1500 each. Those packages have been designed for full sensory integration. Any of these packages are carefully and thoughtfully designed to be a complete and true sensory experience. These Sensory Paths are designed to fill a 40 ft. by 8 ft. space, but you can stretch the path up to 100 ft. Most of the full size paths include a push wall that will require 4-6 ft. of wall space. Review each path and check with your building supervisor before making your decision.

If you have more than 100 ft. or less than 40 ft., The Sensory Path still has you covered! We also sell each item from our full size packages individually. You can add on extra items or build your own Sensory Path. If you’re worried about created a genuine Sensory Path(TM) with the proper sensory inputs, we would be more than happy to help. Just send us an email at!

See something you LOVE on our website but it still doesn’t fit your hallways? We can help with that too! Since everything is designed and manufactured in-house, we can change the specifications to fit whatever unique set up you have.

Do you have a specific theme to your school and we have not covered that topic yet? We have developers and artist on staff that can virtually design any theme! message us at

Lastly, if you have a tight budget to meet a certain dollar amount, let us know and we can build out a package to fit your budget where you don’t have to sacrifice quality, quantity, or sensory integration.

If you have other questions or concerns, please reach out to us and let us help you. We can provide as much information as possible to make sure your school building is provided with the best possible Sensory Path(TM)!

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