Pirate Sensory Path™ Package


ARGHHH! Join Captain Hook and Hop, Jump, Balance and Move your way through the Pirate’s bay! Each area is designed to keep the classroom pirates from having you walk the plank! Action packed with intentional movements that target the neurological system providing a full sensory reset.

This pirate sensory reset activity package is designed to fill a minimum space of 40 ft. by 8 ft.

See below for detailed list of contents.

Pirate Sensory Path™ includes:

  • Pirate’s Bay Step and Say
    • 10 Island Hops
    • Black connecting dots
    • Directional signs
  • Walk the Plank Push Wall 
    • 5 foot Walking Plank
    •  4 Mindful Portholes
    • 4 pair of Red Hands (8 hands total)
  • Count by 5 Jewel Jump
    • 20 Numbered Jewels (5-100), assorted sizes
    • Decorative Jewels without numbers
    • Directional Sign
  • Pirate Plank Exercises
    • 5 Pirate themed logs with activity directives. Directives include: squeeze your arms, squats, jumping jacks, lunges, and breathing exercises.
  • X Marks the Spot Balance Line 
    • Directional Sign
    • Black Lines
    • Spin Center
    • Decorative accessories
  • Treasure Alphabet Hop 
    • 26 Two-toned yellow AlphaDots™
    • 2 Directive Squares
    • Treasure themed decorative accessories including treasure chest, jewels, and motivational spots.
  • We also include arrows, and additional loot to add to your path for a space kids will treasure!
  • Application Tools and detailed instructions
  • Movement guide for proper Sensory Path™ Use


Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 14 × 10 in

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