Sensory Path as a Dyslexia Remediation Tool

The Sensory Path and Dyslexia Remediation

How can we help students with dyslexia?

First, it’s super important that we identify students struggling with any language processing as early as possible. As soon as students are entering pre-school and kindergarten, teachers should be looking for any of the signs.

Early intervention should be a priority. Students struggling with dyslexia will need more individualized assistance on a very consistent basis. Researchers suggest that teachers work with students on reading skills each day. If possible, break your students into small groups so that you can provide more personalized instruction to each student.

Teachers need to be adequately prepared and trained to help students with dyslexia. It should be a priority of school districts to provide educational opportunities for teachers to gain more skills on working with dyslexic populations.

The Sensory Path can help! The Sensory Path offers the opportunity for teachers and therapists to work with students on their word recognition, phonological awareness, and recall. Read our recent blog on how The Sensory Path can be a vital tool for dyslexic interventions.

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