Can these paths be used on hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, concrete or textured laminate floor?

Category: Maintenance FAQ

Hardwood floors which have been properly sealed and maintained with a commercial hard wax should offer the adhesive the proper surface to adhere. Do not use on shellac or polyurethane sealers as they degrade more rapidly than commercial wax and our films.

Ceramic floor which have a sealed surface such as a glaze will offer a good surface for adhesion. Breaks between tiles where grout may be, will need to be cleaned and sealed to offer proper performance. We do not recommend using the product on porous surfaces or tiles without a smooth finish. 

Indoor finished concrete surfaces that are sealed with a concrete finishing sealant or stained and sealed should offer a proper adhesive surface. Painted concrete which is prepared properly and sealed and cured, will offer the proper surface for adhesion. Finishing with a commercial wax will help keep the paths from lifting when applied.

Laminate flooring with a textured surface is fine for adhering the pathways. Laminate flooring has a properly finished coating and if properly cleaned before application, will offer a good surface to hold the film. The film we use is very strong but thin and the texture of the floor may be visible on the surface of the film, but it should not compromise the quality of the product.  

All commercial locations with high traffic flow over the surface of the path should use additional wax as they normally would to offer the proper protection from usage, and any environmental factors such as snow and salts which would typically degrade the normal surface.

If you have a unique flooring situation, please contact our sales team for more information.

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