Under the Big Top Sensory Path™ Package


Come one, come all to the Greatest Sensory Path™ on Earth! The “Under the Big Top Sensory Path™” is a whimsical circus themed Sensory Path™ with plenty of movement and sensory integrated movement! Designed by one of the top designers here at The Sensory Path, this path uses the secret formula we have developed for decompression of the overstimulated student. Kids will love clowning around while getting the needed sensory input on this fun Circus themed Sensory Path™. This path engages students with the Sealion Start Step and Say™, then students increase their balance, calmness and focus on the “Tightrope Balance” and then transition to the “Popcorn Compound Word Hop!” Kids will love building skills and hopping from word to word to create compound words. “The Carousel Shape Wall” will help students with visual discrimination and motor development as they step and push on matching shapes on this beautifully designed push wall. Next, students will move across the “Big Top Movement Tickets” and perform some stretches and fundamental movements to engage a variety of muscle groups. Lastly, this engaging Big Top Circus Sensory Path ends in an “A-Z Step and Say, Circus Banner Hop” before students head back to class ready to learn! 

This path stretches over 70 feet for sensory movement. Using a combination of bilateral, contralateral, vestibular and proprioceptive movements, this path has over 100 movements to help with self-regulation through proper sensory input.



Big Top Circus Sensory Path™:

  • Sealion Start Step and Say 
    • 1- Circus Sealion
    • 10- Numbered Multicolored Circles
  • Tight Rope Balance 
    • 3- Starting Shapes for Balance Lines
    • 1- Orange Loopy Balance Line
    • 1- Blue Loopy Balance Line
    • 1- Purple Loopy Balance Line
    • 3- Assorted Balancing Animals; Elephant, Poodle, Hippo
  • Popcorn Compound Words 
    • 24- Popcorn Kernels 
    • 1- Guide for Popcorn Compound Words
    • 1- Popcorn Bucket 
  • Carousel Shape Wall 
    • 35- Assorted Shapes for Carousel Wall and Floor
    • 2- Carousel Horses
  • Big Top Tickets 
    • 1- Stretch to Your Left Ticket
    • 1- Stretch to Your Right Ticket
    • 1- Jumping Jacks Ticket
    • 1- Squats Ticket
    • 1- Spin Twice Ticket
    • 1- Take a Deep Breath Ticket
    • 1- Arm Circles Ticket
    • Abc Banners 3’ x 12’ 
  • Abc Banner Hop 
    • A-Z Circus Banner Alphabet
    • Assorted Purple Dashes for Alphabet Banner 
  • Bonus Shapes for “Sprinkles” 
  • 2- Sheet of Arrows
  • Application Tools and detailed instructions
  • Movement guide for proper Sensory Path™ use


Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 20 in

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