Dinosaur Desert Sensory Path™


The Sensory Path™ has done it again—this time with a throwback to the prehistoric ages! Give your halls a major upgrade with this fun and engaging Sensory Path™. This package is designed to give your students a complete sensory reset.

Includes: Dinosaur Egg Step and Say™ (10 Assorted Dinosaur eggs), T-Rex Trek™(35 T-Rex prints, assorted dinosaurs, green arrows), Dinosaur Stop and Romp™ (10 different dinosaur circles, green arrows), Fossil Movement Rocks™ (5 different movement rocks with instructions, decorative accessories), Volcano Push Wall™ (4 floor rocks with dino paws, volcano wall piece, 6 dinosaur paws, motivational clouds, decorative accessories), Jurassic Jump™ (alphabet blocks, decorative accessories), instructional blocks, detailed installation instructions

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