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Jurassic Jump Sensory Path™ Element


I bet dinosaurs were just as silly as your students when they were overstimulated in the classroom. Yep, I bet dinosaur teachers had to give the baby T-rex a sensory break, too! We can’t control everything that happens in our classroom, but we can give our students the resources and breaks they need to be the best version of themselves. The Jurassic Jump Alphabet Hop from the Dinosaur Desert Sensory Path is the perfect activity to close out this package. Designed as the final chance to clear the body of any built up tension or stress before returning to the classroom happy and eager to learn.

The Sensory Path™ classic Alphadots reimagined with a prehistoric twist. Hopscotch as you practice your alphabet. This exercise is excellent for proprioceptive input. Hop the wiggles out and return to class ready to learn. Ask us how to modify this activity for older students!


Includes: 26 alphabet blocks, decorative accessories, instructional blocks, detailed installation instructions, application tools.

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