T-Rex Trek Sensory Path Element


Shhhhh… the T-rex is loose… AGAIN! 😳 Follow the tracks to see if you can find him. Students walk heel-to-toe slowly through the infinity loop of T-rex tracks to challenge their balance and coordination. This item is available as part of our Dinosaur Desert Sensory Path package or as a single Sensory Path Element.

Can you find the T-rex? Follow his footprints while challenging your balance. Arms out and walk heel-to-toe. Don’t fall over, Mr. T-rex might find you!!

Includes: 35 T-Rex prints, assorted dinosaurs, green arrows, instructional block, application tools, detailed installation instructions

Movement guide provided with details on how to properly use this Sensory Path Element for best results.

The Sensory Path suggests a minimum of 10 ft by 8 ft for the T-Rex Trek. Ultimate layout is up to you! Place the dinosaur paws in an infinity walk or any shape your heart desires!

Looking for more Dinosaur Themed Sensory Path items? Check out the Dinosaur Desert Sensory Path Package. Receive a discount by purchasing the full Sensory Path Package rather than purchasing items individually.

****All of our elements are pre-cut and ready to peel and apply to your floor, no additional trimming is necessary around image edges. Some elements are grouped on transfer pages, and backing paper will need to be cut to separate the shapes. When necessary, application tape is applied to help transfer intricately cut images.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 4 × 4 in

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