How durable are the paths?

Category: Maintenance FAQ

The Sensory Path™ makes premium Sensory Paths using waterproof commercial grade floor film with an adhesive backing. If installation and maintenance guidelines are followed correctly, your path will last for several years. We recommend installing on a clean, waxed vinyl composition tile. A clean waxed floor will offer a great surface for adhesion. Bare tiles, or previously stripped tiles that do not have a layer of wax will need at minimum one layer of wax to offer a sealed surface for proper adhesion.

We also like to say you should treat your path like the hood of your car. If you wouldn’t drag something over the hood of your car, then you don’t need to drag it over the sensory path. So moving desks or hard objects over the path has the potential to scratch or damage the image. We DO NOT recommend using a mechanical scrubber, polisher, or mopper over the path.

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