What is the longevity of the path?

Category: Maintenance FAQ

We recommend once the path is installed, to give it time to settle and the adhesive to grip the floor surface. Since the adhesive is pressure sensitive, allowing students to use it after a 12 hour settling period will help settle the adhesive. Maintenance can manually mop and sweep during this initial settling period. To get the longest life from your installed sensory path, we recommend using an non-yellowing commercial wax on top of the installed path. Apply a minimum 5-10 layers of wax liberally in thick, heavy coats will be your friend! Adding this extra protection is strongly recommended to protect your path from peeling or lifting. We DO NOT recommend using a mechanical scrubber, polisher, or mopper over the path. If you do, it has the potential to completely damage and destroy the decals. Hand mopping is the way to go after installation! 

 Longevity really depends on the type of service your maintenance staff can provide. If the surface is waxed, as we strongly recommend, the longevity will be as long as you need or until stripping the floors of all wax. Usually janitors like to use chemical strippers on their building’s floors once a year.  We instead suggest performing a “lite” strip by diluting the stripper to not agitate the floors as much.  They will shorten the length of time the chemical stripper is applied, this will take only 1-2 layers of wax off of the floor where the indoor Sensory Path was installed. 

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