Is The Sensory Path only for students with Autism?

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NOPE! The Sensory Path is a universal education tool that promotes inclusivity and sensory regulation for all students. You may find The Sensory Path beneficial as a resource to support the therapy objectives of your occupational and physical therapists.  The Sensory Path can provide a place for alternative assessment and remedial interventions for students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). Our product was initially designed to help with self-regulation of the sensory system in children with Autism, but schools have found it to be a Universal Educational tool that promotes an inclusive learning environment. Students of any ability can find the use of movement a powerful tool to help their brain and body connect. The Sensory Path products are now being used by children with Autism, children dealing with Trauma, children with ADHD, children in Physical Therapy, and as a movement space for peer social development.

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