What to Look for in a Bid Quote

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We get a lot of requests for quotes each day and we love helping our customers decide what Sensory Path products are best for their students.

Many school districts require bid quotes from several companies for orders over a certain dollar amount. This is an easy and effective system for items that are identical, but a little more challenging for products that are fundamentally different. Bids and Quotes are two seperate things.

Our website is designed for you to get an automatic quote for grant writing and basic estimation for budgets. However, if you are trying to get prices for bids from different companies, we would like to be certain that our bids are comparable to other bids. Please contact us if you are trying to prepare a product bidding.

Sensory Product comparison
Not all Sensory Paths are the same!

There are a few things you should consider when comparing quotes or bids across companies:

  1. How much product are you receiving? It’s important that you compare a few different things here. Are there the same number of Sensory Path Elements in both products? The items might look similar, but how many are you actually getting? Each of our items lists what’s included in the package. Does the square foot coverage compare across products? The Sensory Path(TM) creates large, visually grabbing images that help draw the students into the experience. We also design packages that fill an empty space so that it’s aesthetically pleasing in a school atmosphere. A Sensory Path(TM) doesn’t have to be beautiful to be effective, but why shouldn’t it be?
  2. Is the product ready to use? The Sensory Path sends all product pre-cut and ready to install. The only cutting required is a rough separation of the pieces. The images themselves are ready to go, you only have to peel and stick!
  3. Do you need to purchase anything else to install successfully? The Sensory Path includes all necessary installation material in each package. We send multiple application tools, detailed instructions, and a floor map.
  4. Are the products comparable in quality? The Sensory Path(TM) Company uses top of the line materials to ensure a quality product. All of our production is completed in-house to control the quality of our products. We have tested all of our materials and our products have lasted schools multiple years when proper maintenance protocol is followed.

Ordering a Sensory Path can seem like a big investment. We are well aware of the limited access to funds for all schools across the world. It’s our mission to help every school get a Sensory Path. We continuously evaluate our pricing decisions so that The Sensory Path can be priced as fairly as possible.

The Sensory Path Company is the leader in Sensory Path design. We set the standard for proper Sensory Path(TM) design. Our founding owners take great pride in each design, and work continuously to develop products that have academic notes, without sacrificing The Sensory Path(TM) formula for movement.

If you love our product and can’t get your finance office to approve the PO because our quote was higher, let us know! We can provide a comparable bid instead. With a bid, we can alter our typical packages to be smaller and with fewer pieces. This way you don’t have to compromise on aesthetics or quality. You’re still able to get a genuine Sensory Path that works for your budget and finance office rules.

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