How do I get my principal on board?

You’ve heard about The Sensory Path, you’ve seen The Sensory Path, you already believe in The Sensory Path. You absolutely HAVE to get one for your school. How do you get your principal on board? 

            The best way to get your principal on board to purchase a Sensory Path for your school is to approach them with a PLAN. Make the decision easy by coming prepared with the BIG QUESTIONS already answered.

            Your principal may not realize how beneficial a Sensory Path would be for your students. We suggest taking some notes on your student population. Do you have a lot of students with IEPs requiring sensory breaks or sensory processing help? Are there specific examples of instances when you know a visit to The Sensory Path could have been beneficial to your students? Explain how The Sensory Path can offer an inclusive movement break for ALL students and how The Sensory Path uses a total body approach to sensory integration. Your students will return to class ready to learn and grow after a short break on The Sensory Path. 

            Once you’re able to demonstrate how many students would benefit from a Sensory Path, your principal may have some logistical questions about the ordering process. If you’re already prepared with the answers, the decision to purchase is easier! The most common questions we get when administrators are considering purchasing a Sensory Path: 

  1. Will a Sensory Path damage our floors? 

NOPE!! Our products are made from the highest quality materials available on the market. The material leaves no permanent residue upon removal. Our product doesn’t shred into a million pieces when you try to remove it either. You’ll get a clean, easy removal when you’re ready to dispose of your old Sensory Path and make room for NEW Sensory Paths. 

2. How much space do we need for a Sensory Path?

For our full packages, we suggest a minimum of 40 feet by 8 ft for installation in a U shape. You can stretch the full packages 80-100 feet if you’ve got bigger halls. We also sell all components of the larger packages individually. If you’re limited on space, we can create a custom bundle that will fit perfectly in your area.

3. How much does a Sensory Path cost?

We’ve got over 150 products on our website, something for EVERY budget. If you need help creating a custom package to stay within a specific budget, we are always happy to help. We can work with ANY budget. Just let us know how we can help. When you’re ready, we will generate a quote for you. 

4. Is The Sensory Path a registered vendor with our district?

Maybe! We’ve worked with THOUSANDS of school districts across the U.S. It’s possible we’ve worked with another school in your district. If not, no big deal! Just send over your district’s vendor paperwork and we will have it completed ASAP so that you can order with us. 

5. Once we have a Purchase Order for The Sensory Path, what do we do?

Just send a copy of your PO to and we will take care of the rest! Your Sensory Path will ship within 2-3 days and your students will be well on their way to better school days! 

Visit our online store to see our full product offerings! I know we have something PERFECT for your school. If you have additional questions, email or call us at 662-607-0448. We’d love to help get a Sensory Path in your school!

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