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Sensory Path Products For Movement Based Learning

Following up on our topic of movement based learning, today I want to discuss some of The Sensory Path™ products that can help integrate movement into the school day. Remember physical activity can be built into the lesson itself or occur as breaks outside of or between lessons. You can also plug physical activity into other areas of the school day routine such as during transitions between classes/activities or while students are waiting in line. Overall, the goal is to increase the amount of physical activity students are receiving in order to meet the 60 minute per day minimum recommended by the CDC as well as to promote increased engagement, retention/memory, concentration, academic performance, and cognitive performance while decreasing disruptive behaviors. So let’s talk about how The Sensory Path™ and their products can help!!

Products For Movement Based Learning/Physical Activity Within the Lesson:

Rainforest Trek Sensory Path Package

This package contains a Going Bananas Push Wall with letters written on bananas that can be placed on the wall of a classroom or hallway. This is a great product for working on letter identification with students! You could call out a letter and have them throw a ball or bean bag at it or have them place one or both hands on the letter and have them push (known as approximation which gives tactile & proprioceptive sensory input).

Sight Word Spot Bundle

This product contains 220 spots with sight words (frequently used words in literature such as I, the, all, has, was, could, etc.) that can be applied onto the floor. This is a great product for kids ages PreK-3rd grade to learn sight words by jumping or hopping on one foot onto the corresponding spot while they or the teacher reads the word aloud!

Count to 20 Counting Dots Sensory Path™ Element

This element contains twenty 6 inch dots that are numbered 1-20. This is a perfect way to have students work on number identification and counting while building in physical activity such as jumping or hopping!

Multiplication Practice Strips

The Sensory Path™ has multiplication practice strips ranging from numbers 1-10 and each one highlights a specific number which is multiplied by numbers 1-10. These can be applied to the floor of the classroom (as long as it’s not carpet) or the hallway and provide the perfect opportunity to utilize movement (throwing, kicking, jumping, hopping, etc.) to solidify the foundational concepts of multiplication.

This list is not exhaustive and most of The Sensory Path’s™ products or an element/portion of each product can be utilized in the classroom for kinesthetic/movement based learning built into instruction!

Products For Movement Based Learning/Physical Activity Outside the Lesson:

The Mindful Movement Product Line each contain written directives and a visual example of the movements. This product line is great as a meditative reset between lessons or a break when students get overwhelmed/frustrated. It promotes body awareness, breathwork, mindfulness, self-regulatory behaviors, bilateral coordination, and following directions!

Dinosaur Stomp & Romp Sensory Path™ Element

This element contains 10 different dinosaur species on spots as well as directional arrows. This product is great to use for stomping, jumping, hopping, etc. to get kids up and moving for a higher intensity movement break that provides proprioceptive and vestibular input. Plus who doesn’t love dinosaurs!

Retro Move & Groove Body Hop Sensory Path™ Element:

This sensory path element contains footprints in varying positions, distances, and directions to promote jumping in order to build strength, coordination, motor planning, body awareness, and gross motor skills. The act of jumping, especially in differing directions & distances, provides great vestibular and proprioceptive input! This product is great for a movement break between lessons or while transitioning between activities/classes.

Going on a Bear Hunt Sensory Path™ Package

This full Sensory Path Package includes elements of balance as students walk tandemly (heel to toe) in a figure 8 pattern, strength & postural endurance as they bear crawl & jump/hop, bilateral coordination as they perform hopscotch, and motor planning/sequencing /coordinate how to position their body within each activity and sequence this multi-step sensory path. This product is great for a movement break between lessons or while transitioning between activities/classes. The aforementioned movements provide vestibular & proprioceptive input.

Learning Noodles

Last but certainly not least are the learning noodles. These learning noodles…think yoga mat like… come in a variety of fun themes and patterns as well as incorporate some of the same movement patterns from the sensory paths. They are incredible for classroom use and provide an area for EITHER kinesthetic/movement based learning within lessons or movement breaks outside lessons/curriculum! They are temporary and can be rolled up & stowed away; they are also machine washable!

Again, I just want to reiterate that this list is not an exhaustive list of The Sensory Path™ products that can be utilized to integrate movement into the school day. I also want to point out that a lot of their products could work for movement built into lessons or movement breaks outside of lessons. So whenever you get a chance take a gander at their awesome products!

Until next time, 

Catherine C. Skelton, PT, DPT

Pediatric Physical Therapist 

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