Kid jumps through original sensory pathway

The Impact of Sensory Pathways in Schools

Sensory Accommodations Reimagined

Indoor Sensory Paths have significantly impacted how sensory needs are addressed in schools since Special Education teacher Holly Barker Clay posted the first Sensory Path she developed on Facebook in 2018. Using eight years of research and data, she collected based on specific movements she studied and the effects of the movement on behavior. She identified particular movements that provided appropriate sensory input, which led to decreased sensory-seeking behaviors her students were demonstrating in the classroom. With an overwhelming response from viewers worldwide, Holly Clay began The Sensory Path to provide her research-based Sensory Path decal systems for schools to add to their buildings to give students a place for proper sensory input to reset their brain and body and become better versions of themselves.

Sensory Paths embrace the idea that cognitive development is closely tied to providing proper sensory development through physical movement.

More than a Sticker

More than just a set of huge stickers, The Sensory Path is a decal system designed to take the student through a series of specific moves designed to give the internal sensory system input using the child’s body while they move through each area of the Sensory Path. Adorned with vibrant colors and engaging school-friendly themes, The Sensory Path invites students to hop, stretch, balance, and push as they navigate through movements designed to stimulate and engage the internal sensory systems. Doing so breaks the monotony of a traditional classroom setting and provides a systematic series of movements designed to develop the communication pathways between the brain and body.

Kid jumps through original sensory pathway
Student on the Original Sensory Path viral video!

Behaviors Down, Learning Up!

The Sensory Path essentially helps reduce sensory-seeking behaviors, leading to an increase in the ability to attend class, limiting classroom disruptions, and increasing cognitive functioning. Behaviors go down so that performance can go up!

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