Student takes brain break on the sensory path!

Brain Breaks are not Bad!

Brain Break Basics

The Sensory Paths in schools are innovative tools designed to enrich the learning environment by combining a fun “brain break” with specific sensory-targeted movements. “Brain breaks” are usually given to students when the teacher and students are feeling a little frustrated while learning a new concept. However, when “Brain Breaks” are used within the daily routine using Sensory Paths, those moments of frustration will lessen.

Intentional Brain Breaks- A New Approach

Using imaginative themes, The Sensory Path transforms hallways and sensory rooms into a fun movement space for proper sensory input. Using research-based evidence, as each path is carefully planned, The Sensory Path recognizes that movement matters, but the movement needs to be purposeful and intentional to target the internal sensory system without overstimulating the child further.

As children navigate through varied systematic movements and visual elements of the path, they engage multiple senses simultaneously, which fosters neural development and integration.

kid balancing on loopy line sensory path

Cognitive Function Benefits

The multisensory stimulation provided by The Sensory Paths is crucial for cognitive function. It activates communication between the students’ bodies and minds, enhancing concentration, problem-solving skills, memory retention, and overall academic performance. Furthermore, physically moving through the sensory path helps to dissipate excessive sensory buildup and reroute neurological misfires, allowing students to return to their classrooms more focused and ready to learn.

Thus, The Sensory Path is not designed as a conduit for physical exertion or a break from learning but as an invaluable tool for cognitive development in young learners. Through daily use of The Sensory Path movement series, students train their brain and their body to communicate and work together appropriately and learn how to calm down when feeling overwhelmed.  

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